Filling a Void

I dusted off my pointe shoes & played around in the studio. Thank you so much for a fun shoot, Light Illusions Photography!



One thing I miss about dancing professionally is taking class every morning. I miss sweating in the studio day in and day out. I was striving for perfection while being surrounded by inspiring talent. I don’t do well with chaos but when my life felt like it was crumbling, I could always count on our 1.5 hour ballet class to be my constant. I was able to get my frustrations, excitement, or sadness out in the studio. It was my job. I had to be there. Even when I didn’t want to be, I showed up and gave it my all. While I have more life-tools and feel very grounded now, I still miss having that outlet everyday. I miss the art.

Miss Natasha Jade life on pointe ballet instructor barre

After pursuing a cut throat industry for over 10 years, I felt a huge void after retiring. Then, I had my rainbow baby and I was suddenly submerged into the hardest job of my life. In that I lost my ambitions and everything else that made me “me”. I will be honest, I got into a mommy-slump. I decided I needed a change. I found a side hustle as a virtual health and fitness coach, and began to teach dance, pilates, and barre fitness. I love how well they integrate into my mom life. When I started these gigs, I felt like I slipped back into myself. They encouraged me to eat healthier and be more active. I suddenly felt more confident, independent, and strong. They allow me to express myself, get my sweat on, and help others. I love being able to watch my kids grow and its surreal having my kids watch me grow, as well.

Miss Natasha Jade Ballerina turned fit mom

One day my kids will be in school (excuse me while I hold back tears) and I will be able to take ballet class and do anything else I miss. Until then, you can find me in Panera with my toddler having a raging tantrum, teaching barre fitness, dancing in the kitchen with my kids, or having Netflix dates with my husband in our living room after the kids go to bed.

I don’t believe its selfish to pursue your ambitions. It is enriching my family’s lives. I feel like a better mom and wife since I have an outlet where I can switch off my “mom brain” and focus on building a business. When the kids wake up from their nap I am able to switch hats again and be much more present. Our children are always watching. I want my kids to know, with hardwork and determination, they can do anything they put their mind to. No matter what.

What is something that lights your fire? Do you do it every day? 






    Love reading your posts. I saw Massy Arias on The Doctors exercising with her daughter & thought of you! We have to do what we can! ❤️

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