6 ways to stay consistent with your workout

Do you struggle with consistency in your fitness regime? Trust me, you are not alone! Here are some things that will help you keep health and wellness a priority in your life.


We all fall off the bandwagon once in awhile but you are far more likely to stick with your health and fitness goals when someone will ask where you have been. Join a gym, club, group fitness class (like Barre Fitness), and/or an accountability group Being surrounded by likeminded people who share a common goal is beyond inspiring. This is what ignites my soul. Contact me to join my accountability group!


Set a schedule and follow it. Set a reminder on your phone for your scheduled workouts. Plan a fitness date with a friend. It is crucial to chisel time out, otherwise we fall into the “too busy” mentality. If you miss a workout, do not fret, just hop right back in the next day because the longer you wait the harder it is to continue. Mornings tend to work best… Wake up 45 minutes earlier and get it in. Here are a few ways to never skip your morning workout again!


Write down how you feel after each workout, especially at the beginning of your fitness journey.  When you find yourself dreading a workout look at the journal with all your post-workout feels. You will instantly remember how it made you feel and it will be hard to deny yourself of something that leaves you feeling so fantastic. Endorphins are an incredible thing!


Maybe you forgot your gym shoes, mat, or hair tie. Maybe the kids woke up hella early and/or went to bed crazy late… There are so many excuses that can prevent you from a killer workout. Just make it happen! After becoming a mom I realized my workouts look nothing like they did before I had kids. I have to adapt everything I do. Sometimes my workouts are: split into intervals, chasing the kids, barefoot, at the park, using the stroller, etc. (PSA not all at once. HAHA!) I had to change my mindset and realize most of my workouts are not going to be perfectly uninterupted BUT it will be better than sitting on the couch.


Buy some new workout clothes, these are my current favorite high waisted leggings. . Find a new workout program, here is a streaming site with 100s of different workouts. As a daily reminder, hang a health and fitness dream board on your refrigerator. Search Instagram for someone who inspires you to keep going. Reach out to friends and build yourself a fit tribe.


Just know that you are not alone. Dance and fitness have been a huge part of my life for over 20 years. But there are days, sometimes weeks, that go by and I don’t feel like exercising. These are the times I need my reminders most. I also reach out to social media and friends for inspiration. When I get in a funk I will buy new workout clothes or try a different fitness program. But I also believe sometimes we need a break and we should not to feel guilty about taking one. The most important part is to start back up again, and to start soon. The longer we wait the more excuses we begin to accumulate. Listen to your body, give yourself grace, and jump back in.

Contact me to attend my barre fitness class, to join my virtual accountability group, for private lessons, or just to connect!

 Insta: @Miss_Natasha_Jade www.lifeonpointe.net




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