“I thought about giving up, but then I noticed who was watching.”

I had a health scare a few months ago. I have inherited blood clotting disorders that make me high risk for blood clots, heart attack, and stroke. As I was laying in the ER bed, thinking I was having a heart attack, I knew I needed to change something in my life. My husband commutes and works extremely long hours, I had a 1 & 2 year old, and I was exhausted both mentally and physically. I was eating poorly and I put all my needs on the back burner. I was giving everything I possibly had to my kids, husband, dog, house, job, etc. I had nothing left. Mom guilt was running rampant through my veins. It was saying I would be selfish if I did anything for myself. It was saying I would be a bad mom if I did anything I did before I had babies. No one put this incredible weight on my shoulders except for myself. I decided I needed to to ACTION. I stopped making excuses and changed my mindset. Instead of “I can’t take care of myself because I’m a mom” it is now… “I NEED to take care of myself because of my family”. I want to live a long healthy life for my kids and husband. I want to be an example of a confident, strong, and positive woman for my kids. The only way I could do these things was to lead by example. This didn’t happen over night, it was a long process with a definite learning curve. The amount of benefits I received from taking my health into my own hands is INSANE. I have more energy and I am even happier. On top of that, the extra baby weight fell off and I healed my diastasic recti. I didn’t start this journey to change the way I look, while that is a fun bonus, I did it to change the way I FELT. Surprisingly, this health scare was the best thing for me AND my family. I feel I am able to be more present with them when I have some sort of outlet (fitness). This change of mindset has changed my life and I want everyone to feel the way I do RIGHT NOW… I WANT TO HELP YOU! With this immense passion I fell into the opportunity to hold virtual accountability groups. In these groups you can expect weekly workout plans that fit your busy lifestyle, meal plans, recipes, daily tips, all access to a private accountability group to keep you on track of your goals. Contact me for more info. I am bubbling with excitement to get started!

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