Fall Workout

I had a fun impromptu workout in my kimono & leg warmers while the kids were decorating pumpkins. I grabbed mine and got to work too. 😉


TIPS: Hands remain on hips to keep chest high and to focus on lower body. Keep head over shoulders and shoulders over hips. Balance an imaginary book on the head. Abdominals are engaged and the waist shrinks with each exhale through your mouth. Use your exhale at the bottom of each exercise to power through the movements safely.

LUNGE 20x – Legs are parallel. Keep front knee behind the ankle.

SIDE LUNGE 20x- Same leg is up. Turn to face the front as you externally rotate the bent knee. Straight knee is parallel. Small movements down & up.

REVERSE LUNGE 20x- Keep the same leg up, turn to face the back. Front knee stays behind the ankle. Press into your back foot.

ARABESQUE DIP 10x-Grab your weight, rotate shoulders down & back. Soften supporting knee. Lift the back leg which forces the torso to lower. Torso leads on the way back up. Tap your back leg on the ground OR keep it off the ground to challenge your balance.

TOE TAP- Alternating to taps OR amp it up with a jump to change feet. Point toes and keep the heart lifted.

REPEAT– on other leg.

Take a quick recovery. Repeat it on the right and left. Get creative and let me know how it goes! Be sure to subscribe for more workouts.


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