Self-care – For moms

I wrote a post about self-care, but that was before I had kids. It is a different ball game now. When I became a mom I completely forgot about myself, as most mothers do, especially when I had a 1.5 year old and a newborn. My husband was out of town a lot and I was in total survival mode. (Not to say I don’t occasionally feel like that still.. haha)! I am definitely not a professional “self-care Mama”… I rarely have time alone. My nails are never done. I consistently have an unknown stain on my shirt. But I have  found ways to create “me time”, because when I am in a crummy mood the whole house is in a crummy mood! My kids deserve a happy mom and here is how I make sure they get the best from me.


This is the main one for me. I have to get my heart pumping for at least 20 minutes for me to feel human. It gives me more energy than any espresso would! It is also my outlet, and amazing for my mental health. Some ways I get my exercise in are: take the kids for a stroller power-walk, play/chase the kids outside, do a home workout, or go to the gym. (see Benefits of Barre or How to wake up for a morning workout).


I drink HOT coffee while the kids are eating breakfast. There were too many days I would make coffee and forget about it until nap time. Now, I make sure I am not running around the house cleaning (just yet). I am present with the kids while we talk about our day during breakfast. It’s our calm before the storm. Plus, I find that the kids have less tantrums when they know their schedule for the day.


The best postpartum advice I received was to do 2 things that make me feel like myself. Exercise being one and makeup being the other. I continue to always do my makeup. It makes me feel better, even if I only have time for mascara and lipgloss.


I need adult interaction and the kids need socialization. We get out to story time and have play dates. But to be real, sometimes we just make it to Target so I can strike up a convo with the Starbucks barista.


I make the kids belly laugh before nap time & bedtime. Laughter is so contagious. I love to end the day on a positive note. It is an instant mood booster. What is better than baby laughs?!

Now, I realize none of these actually consist of alone time. I don’t have a babysitter so I work with what I have. I consider it “me time” when I chisel out a few moments to do something that makes me happy, gives me energy, and keeps me sane! What do you do for yourself?


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