Barre Fitness Benefits

1E464693-EFEB-45B8-9556-0D01A1497800.jpegHere are 5 benefits you should be prepared to feel after taking Barre Fitness classes.

1.) Flatter stomach  

This was the first noticeable change I had.  Every exercise in my Barre Fitness class stems from the core. The abdominals are fired up & in charge of every move we do in our 45 minute class. We are retraining our bodies to engage our abdominals throughout every movement. Especially  outside the studio in our Day-to-Day activities. 

2.) Flexibility 

During my warm up we use flowing sequences to get the muscles stretched & ready. We use static stretching in the last 2-3 minutes of our 45 minute class. That isn’t much time of actual “stretching”. But the entire class is based on movements that are designed to elongate  the muscles. You will be more limber in no time! 

3.) Posture

Pilates exercises are tactfully integrated within each of my series. Which brings mindfulness  to our placement, every step of the way. You will leave class feeling 2 inches taller with your heart lifted and ears stacked on top of your shoulders. 

4.) Balance 

You will notice an improvement in your balance. Standing single-leg exercises help center our bodies. As well as our weight changing movements. The improved posture, abdominal muscles, and  flexibility also are key to your better balance. 

5.) Stamina 

Most people aren’t aware that cardio is hidden in my Barre Fitness. Our upbeat playlist helps keep the energy sky high. Which allows me to sneak in some heart pumping movements. Bring a towel! E53716C4-63AC-4C61-9FA8-D72AF8F79960.jpeg

Interested in trying my barre? I’m currently teach at a local yoga studio. I am also creating a YouTube channel, Miss Natasha Jade, so everyone can get the same amazing results, no matter where you are!


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