Birth Story – 2nd Born

2C94F365-08C7-4CFC-9D9E-8BFF2E7D3C14 This pregnancy was MUCH different than my first. I was less fearful. Mainly because I was so busy tending to my other baby, out of utero! I began the Lovenox shots 2x per day. I only had 8 months of not taking them, so I was a champ at this point. The pregnancy was (thankfully) uneventful & went SO quickly!

His actual birth was a different story. I think it was the only time I was alone long enough for me to starting thinking of the “What its”. My body was uncontrollably shaking, like scary shaking for hours! So long that it made Ed giggle once we knew it wasn’t anything serious. I was in active labor at 3:00PM on Friday the 13th. I don’t consider myself a superstitious person, but it started to freak me out! I didn’t start pushing until midnight on March 14, 2017. I think I subconsciously held off this long. Luckily everything else went incredibly smooth! On Saturday, March 14 2017 at 1:09AM I gave birth! To the sweetest, funniest, most loving little boy! I was still shaking from nerves after he was born because he was so quiet! I started panicking and told the nurses I needed to hear him cry. I needed to hear that amazing, screeching infant cry after giving birth. He only gave a few whimpers and was totally content skin-to-skin on my chest. After realizing he was completely healthy, I was finally able to relax. Feeling the weight and warmth of my 8lb 1.5oz baby boy. Listening to his squeaky little noises. We instantly bonded. He was nursing like a pro, sleeping like a boss, and cuddling  like a no other. He is the reason I believe we are born with our personalities. He is still the same baby I first met 18 months ago! (Minus some horrible sleep regressions of course! Haha). 

0E45CDF1-2AC3-42D9-8E3C-5DC1D024BF70.jpeg85D68364-24D5-4E15-8BEA-9327C8ED0CA7.jpegBaby sis (18months old) warmed up right away! She kept gently poking his nose and wanted to share her Cheerios with him. Which we knew was a good sign!! It’s incredible how much small children understand. The entire 30 minute drive home, she was giggling/pointing to baby bro. She was so excited that we got to bring him home! Little did she know they would soon be the best of friends!

I can’t be more thankful for my healthy babies! 

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