Easy ways to nest

I hope to make the transition as smooth as possible.  I also love any excuse to organize.

I arranged my daily essentials so I can get ready in seconds between feedings, dirty diapers, and snuggles!  My motto was to reduce! I tossed anything that wasn’t being used. Channeling my inner minimalist. Which has sliced my getting ready/clean up process in half! I hope everyone does this, with or without a baby on the way!
I keep all my teeth essentials in this basket.

I got rid of all the extra lotions, body sprays and deodorant I never use. This cabinet is one of my favorites now. It’s now only filled with favorite beauty products that I use on a daily basis.

After another trash bag of half empty and hated hair products I wound up with a drawer with my favorite hair products, brushes, and combs in the drawer. My hair accessories are confined to the bin.

I used to keep my makeup in the bottom shelf of the bathroom in my huge performance bag. I no longer need the giant bag since I won’t need to drag my makeup to the theater ever again. Plus, bending over was becoming a daunting task… haha! 🤰🏼 Now, I keep the basics in the top drawer. So convenient! Getting ready takes only minutes now.  I no longer have to search through false eyelashes, red lipstick, and performance eyeshadow.  

I hope this help the postpartum recovery & allows me to spend more time doing fun things… Like cuddle a precious baby and hang with the hubby!

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