DIY Nylon Headband (Easy-No Sew)

 As I was shopping at a department store I saw the cutest infant headbands. They were thick and stretchy enough that they wouldn’t dig into baby’s precious head. The price tag was $22.00 for one headband. I thought I would try to recreate this accessory before splurging on something baby can only wear a short while.
Lately, I have been nesting like a crazy little birdie. As I was on my 14th hour of organizing just my clothes, I went on to my ballet/rehearsal attire. I was trying to think of what I could do with my drawer filled to the brim with just tights. Then it hit me… Comfy Infant headbands!!

Here are the super simple steps to make your own nylon headbands:

First you need: scissors, measuring tape, and tights. (I used Ballet Pink, Capezio tights in Adult Small/Medium). You can use any brand or color. I just have an ample supply of ballet tights!

Second, cut the foot off one leg in a straight line. Then, measure same leg to 11″ (for infant) and cut to size. *Usually, infant headbands are around 12″-14″ but these tights are mega stretchy so I went a bit smaller.*

After it’s cut, use your hands to stretch the opening out. Stretching the fabric will roll the nylon down, giving it a more finished look. You can see at the top of the photo the tights are stretched/rolled, and at the bottom of the photo they are not.

Final step is the easiest! Double knot the two ends together creating a bow. It will look quite small, so you need to take both sides (below the knot) and tug. This makes the knot much tighter and the headband much bigger.

I accidentally made the first one too large (14 inches) and it fit my head! Now, we have a matching Mommy & Baby set. Oops! 🙂


 (Mommy+Baby pic posted soon!) 😉


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