DIY Infant Sandals (easy-no sew)

Just like I was saying in my last blog (DIY Nylon Headbands) I am becoming an organization queen. I had extra rehearsal pointe shoe ribbons and had to finally do something with them. The ribbons are called Stretch Ribbon by Prima Soft. They are elastic that imitates the look of ribbon. These elastic ribbons allows more movement in the ankle without added pressure against your achilles tendon. Which was a lifesaver since I was a culprit to chronic tendonitis.

I have had my eye on these adorable barefoot sandals. They are so adorable! I know it’s hard keeping anything on little wiggly baby feet, but these stay on because they are ultra stretchy while also wraping around the ankle and arch of the foot. Barefoot sandals can also be worn over socks to keep the socks on. And they clearly amp of the cuteness of any outfit!

These non-shoes for an infant retailed at $20… For elastic! I thought I would atleast try to make my own barefoot sandals before I made the splurge.  I am so happy with the results.
Here is how you can make your own pair. No sewing machine needed.

1.) You will need: Hot glue gun, measuring tape, lighter, scissors, and elastic.  *I used ‘Stretch Ribbon’ by Prima Soft.*

2.) Plug your glue gun in so it will be hot when you need it.

3.) Measure  9″ (for 0-6months) and cut two pieces.

  4.) Lightly melt the tips of all four ends of the ribbon with your lighter. This prevents any fraying. 
5.) Measure the center point of the ribbon and hold your index finger on it while you fold one end to that middle spot. Hot glue it in place.

6.) Do the same to the bottom half in the opposite direction. This will bring both ends to overlap, creating a figure 8 shape. Hot glue the end in place.

7.) Repeat these steps to the other piece of elastic. Creating two separate figure 8’s.

8.) Now, decorate the part we just glued. I made three bows (one for a matching headband). Burn the ends of the bows to elemimate any fraying. Hot glue the finished bow in place. This will hide the ugly end of the elastic.


I had extra ribbon so I decided to make a matching headband!

1.) Cut a 13″ piece of elastic.

2.) Burn the ends to prevent fraying.

3.) Glue the ends of the ‘pretty side’ up. (Creating the headband).

4.) Take the extra bow you made and glue it to hide the ‘ugly’ end of the headband you just attached.

Now it’s your turn!! Use your imagination and send me your photos! 🙂

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