My recipe for successful pregnancy.

98A3F23B-0C18-4BA2-A5DD-D6D13CFBF640After my first miscarriage we found out I have the following inherited blood disorders which caused blood clots during my pregnancies: MTHFR, factor V Leiden, prothrombin 20210G. During my second pregnancy (which resulted in miscarriage) I was only on 40mg/day of Lovenox. I later found out that was only a prophylactic dose of injected blood thinners. With all three major clotting disorders I should have been on a therapeutic dose. I now know how much it pays to do my own research and seek multiple doctors for different opinions. Now that I am in my third trimester, I feel I can finally call this a successful pregnancy. Who knows if it was the difference in medicine, workout regime, or prayers that have helped this far. Here is a list of things that I believe didn’t hurt in our success.


1.) Acupuncture twice a month

2.) 40mg Lovenox daily

3.) Baby Aspirin

4.) Vitamin D

5.) Fish Oil

6.) Folbee (prescribed vitamins for MTHFR)

7.) Neevo DHA (prescribed prenatal)

8.) Cut caffeine for fertility



1.) Continued with acupuncture.

2.) 60mg/twice daily of Lovenox injections

3.) Progesterone Suppositories/twice daily

4.) Baby Aspirin

5.) Vitamin D

6.) Fish Oil

7.) Iron


9.)Neevo DHA

10.) No caffeine (until 20 weeks)

11.) Purified water (we have well-water)

12.) Low impact exercise only. (I was extremely light headed).

13.) Meditated to reduce stress.

14.) Monthly prenatal massage to reduce stress.

15.) Prayed!

I hope this can help at least one person out there dealing with a similar situation that I am. Blood disorders are much more common than we know. If you know someone who has suffered a miscarriage, encourage them to get checked for clotting disorders. Don’t be afraid to say “no” to pharmaceutical drugs, ask your doctors questions, get second and third opinions, or seek alternative medicine. I strongly believe our instincts can be much more accurate than what is read out of a medical text book.

Nothing but love,





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