Gender Reveal Party!

I did NOT want to find out the gender of our baby. I wanted it to be a surprise. Until… I was 13 weeks pregnant and the doctors already knew.  It would be confirmed at our next appointment. I hate secrets!! Plus, hubby was on board with finding out. Cue the (additional) anxiousness.

The next appointment was on St Patricks Day! Ed was unable to go.  During the ultrasound, Doctor told me to look away.  He then typed on the ultrasound photo, printed the picture, and placed it in a sealed envelope so we could find out together. I left the office giddy with our baby’s big secret in my hands..

There was NO way I could wait 9  hours until Ed got home and not sneak a peak! That’s when I decided it would be best if I drove directly to the Bakery to get this off my grubby paws.  I had them make a small cake and put a thin layer of blue or pink frosting in the center and away I went. I had the rest of the day off, so I was going completely bonkers. I was filled to the brim with anticipation and extra time on my hands… I cooked and cleaned like a mad woman trying to stay occupied. I then made a last minute decision to invite our extended families over.

Just as long as baby was healthy we were tickled pink! Although, there was something about this day that was so exciting to me. It was solidifying my pregnancy. Making this whole process feel more real. Bringing this tiny life even more personal (if that is even possible). A huge milestone!

 Everyone showed up at 7:45 as we anxiously awaited Ed’s arrival to cut into this darn cake!! As soon as he came home I was already holding the cake knife. 🙂 We didn’t waste anytime and cut right into it…   Ed and I both held the knife as we made the first cut into the corner. When we pulled the knife out I noticed some pink frosting smeared on the utensil. I froze in shock, staring at Ed with round eyes and gaping mouth (I thought I knew it was a boy). I then quickly cut the piece and pulled it out… PINK!! We were having a precious, beautiful baby girl!!!! We hugged as happy tears fell from my cheeks!  That’s when it hit me, we are pregnant!! I felt like I could finally celebrate this glorious time of pregnancy. All the loss, the tears, heartbreak, anger, frustration, loneliness, the endless nights of research, the appointments, all the doctors, being pricked with needles, testings, vitamins, diet, and putting my successful, yet short lived career on the back burner somehow felt all worth it at this moment. To me this wasn’t just a gender reveal, this was a celebration of a successful pregnancy and our healthy baby girl! A moment I will never forget!


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