It has been awhile since I have blogged, because I had a giant secret…


After we found out my brother and his wife were expecting a little one we decided to try again. I was already having acupuncture appointments for fertility and I began injecting my 40mg of Lovenox as the doctors recommended. I became desperate, after three boxes of negative pregnancy tests I promised myself “This will be the last one I take”…

On January 1st we found out we were pregnant again!! What a wonderful New Year’s gift! I could not believe we were able to conceive that fast. I said a quick prayer and thanked the heavens! We were thrilled beyond belief but also scared shitless. Baby’s due date was eight weeks after my brother’s! Although, this time around I knew we were doing everything in our power to have a healthy baby. So, I was leaving it up to the universe and remained as calm as I could…

We called the doctor on January 1st and got an appointment within days. I started taking my progesterone that day and continued with my 40mg of Lovenox. Although, that first appointment at the Dr office did not go so well. After a 10 minute ultrasound she could not find baby anywhere. They started leaning toward an ectopic pregnancy. We did blood work for the next two days to make sure my HCG levels were raising how they should with a “normal” pregnancy. Longest two days of my life. I received a call from the nurse saying my HCG levels nearly tripled. Which is a great sign and lead them all to believe an ectopic pregnancy was not as likely as they thought. Normally the HCG levels double per day in the first 12 weeks with a single pregnancy and triple with a multiple pregnancy. Were we being blessed with TWINS?! So many whirlwinds in such a short time: Negative pregnancy tests, positive pregnancy test, ectopic pregnancy, twins, and now a vacation.

How on earth was I supposed to go on a vacation and enjoy myself with the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy?! Ed and I had this trip planned after our second miscarriage. We needed to get away, just us. Ed was awesome and bought an RV so I could take all my medicine, shots, vitamins and we could prepare our fresh organic meals on the road.

In the midst of our adventure I began having strong abdominal pains. So bad I could not stand or stretch out. The pains began to shoot around to my back. I was fighting back tears as I furiously googled “signs of ectopic pregnancy”. Almost every symptom matched up. We stopped at an Urgent Care in Georgia.  As the nurse asked me how many weeks pregnant I was, I told her “six”. She told me congratulations but I just could not say thank you, not knowing if everything was alright. I knew we were already doing everything we could, so now it was just up to fate… Turns out I just had a bad UTI!! Thank god! Driving 24 hours with a UTI is not much fun, but at least we had a bathroom in the RV! So, I downed lots of water and was feeling a bit better by the next day.

IMG_5216IMG_5264All in all the trip was absolutely wonderful!! I tried my best not to be on edge; still thinking about an ectopic pregnancy and not know if my fallopian tube was going to burst at a moments notice. We swam in the ocean, went sight seeing, Ed showed me where he used to live in West Palm Beach, ate on the pier, went shopping, stayed at amazing RV resorts, had yummy home cooked meals, went to Daytona Freeride to see his good friend compete, walked around his flight school again and visited places we went on our first vacation together back in 2008. Without this trip I would be going BONKERS back home… Definitely a trip I will never forget.

Sadly, it was time to go home and back to work. I packed up the bikinis and we saddled up in the RV… Just in time for my morning sickness begin. About halfway through the drive I could not hold it back anymore… Lets just say I was in the lady’s room for the remaining 12 hour drive. Shaking and nervous because I was unable to keep any food or water down… I was still unsure if this was morning sickness, or signs of an ectopic pregnancy… We finally made it home safe and sound! I crawled inside and slept for nearly 24 hours. A trip we will never forget!! 🙂IMG_5321IMG_5145

The next day I had an ultrasound, we saw tiny baby and even heard the heartbeat! It was music to my ears!  Suddenly all my fears washed away. We were all slightly surprised only seeing one baby on the screen, the nurse continued to search, just to find one healthy, strong little one. 🙂 I was also blessed with such strong morning sickness that I did not worry much about losing our baby this time around. Each week the morning sickness progressively got worse. If I had a “good” day I would begin to worry and call Ed… He knew my trigger words… “Bacon” “Hamburger” “French fries” “McDonald’s” “Pizza”… Any fatty, greasy food instantly made my nausea kick into high gear! I even had to change my route to work so I wouldn’t have to drive past a fast food joint! Every time I got sick Ed and I would celebrate!! I was lucky enough to have my morning sickness until 16 weeks, and that is when I felt the baby move for the first time!! What an amazing feeling! I felt the first little flutters after eating a Chipotle salad. It stopped me in my tracks. A feeling I can’t even describe, it felt like a little goldfish was trapped in my stomach! I instantly called Ed, with happy tears streaming from my cheeks, he replied “Are you sure it wasn’t the spicy food?”. HAHA! I continued to feel baby’s little flutters every few days.

I can’t thank Ed, my family, friends, and everyone who have been so supportive throughout our journey. There is no doubt in my mind that I am this far in our pregnancy because of you all. I have never been so happy. I strongly believe in the power of thought and prayers, and our prayers have been answered!

Nothing but love!



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