I drank a gallon of water.

A few of us in my fitness classes tried the Water Challenge. The challenge was to drink a gallon of water everyday. The benefits ranged from: Hydrating the skin which helps reduce the look of wrinkles. Water increases the production of blood  cells. It is an appetite suppressant and a metabolism booster. Water improves digestion, energy and circulation. It detoxes the body making the skin glow, diminishing acne. Water also helps bad breath by keeping the mouth hydrated. Drinking on an empty stomach also purifies your colon, making it easier to absorb nutrients.

With as many possible benefits as these, why wouldn’t I try it?! The first day was rough, I felt as if I were drowning. Each gulp of water I knew would push me over the edge. But I did it! The next day I paced myself more. Each day it became easier and easier. Although, I didn’t make it to the fourth week (Thanksgiving shenanigans got in the way… Excuses, excuses!). But only three weeks of drinking significantly more water gave me huge results!

The first thing I noticed was a suppressed appetite. Mainly because I had no more room in my stomach for food! Then I noticed an insane increase on potty breaks. After only a couple days I felt my energy was up immensely. I usually relied on coffee to keep me going. Instead, I opted for hot water with lemon juice to keep me pushing forward. I could exercise longer without cramps. Also, keeping the muscles hydrated reduces sore muscles so you can push yourself even more in your exercises each day. After a week I noticed it helped digestion. By the third week I noticed the biggest change; my skin. The dark circles and bags under my eyes were nearly eliminated! My skin was clearing up and I had absolutely no blemishes. I used to wear liquid foundation at all times to hide dark circles and any blemish… But now I feel I can confidently leave the house without!

What are your tricks for drinking more water?



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