Refined sugar is evil.

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Our wedding day!

After my husband and I got married on May 4, 2013 we went through a sequence of unfortunate events. Thankfully,  my determination and optimism always seem to find a positive ending in each setback.

Our first setback happened in August 2013, 3 months after we were married. I was rushed to the hospital after an ovarian cyst ruptured, later diagnosing me with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. A condition which produces cysts on the ovaries affecting fertility and pregnancy. I have always wanted to be a mother so this was the worst news I could receive.

For the next few weeks I spent many sleepless nights reading about this disorder. Every other homeopathic article I read said something about sugar. These people talked about how sugar feeds disease and breaks down your immune system resulting in many illnesses. I am all for my health and the future of our possible family, so I thought I would go for it and cut out all processed sugar from my diet. If anything, I would lose a few pounds!  Natural sugars in fruits and veggies were still a part of my daily diet.

The first week was rough. Like any addiction I crashed! Head aches were an everyday occurrence. I never knew the amount of sugar we consume. Sugar is in everything! From breads, crackers and noodles, to yogurt, salsa and my favorite lattes from Starbucks. After 10 days it got easier and easier.

Two and a half months later, I had my annual well-woman examination which detected absolutely zero cysts in my ovaries! I could not believe it! Happiness crashed over my body like an ocean wave. I knew the drastic change in my diet lead me to these wonderful results! I just didn’t know I could see results so fast! I am still cyst free and have been able to conceive twice.

My theory is sugar is modern day poison. Constant statistics showing that sugar feeds disease and cancer is enough information for this girl! Although, I am no goddess. I do occasionally have sweets (usually homemade).  But like clock work I bloat up like a blimp! Moderation is the key to success in everything. But there is no way a packaged candy bar or a can of soda will ever hit my lips again. Not only did my ovaries see a huge change… My taste buds did as well!

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Share your thoughts, theories and experiences with sugar!

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